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i just bought a hardtop of ebay. Any ideas on how to ship this monster from boston, MA to lexington, KY? UPS - nope, fed-ex - nope, im out of ideas.

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Actually you can use Fed-ex. They have a freight side to them. I dont think its national, but they work with other companys to get the freight across the country. Anyway, no matter what, it has to go on a pallet and make darn sure that the pallet and crate made for the top is made like a bomb shelter. Forklifts damage things really easy, and most drivers of forklifts are pushed hard to get the truck empty and get the freight on the next truck, so damage is highly likely without a good and easy to move crate. How do i know this, well im one of those nuts behind the wheel of a forklift at Fed-es Freight. So ship it that way and keep my paycheck coming.

Also you may want to look into companys that ship cars, much safer.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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