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okay, the 8.8 is ready to be gone. your win, my loss.
Ford 8.8 detroit locker with fresh carrier bearings on it. less than 3,000 miles on it. works good.
8.8 gear 4.10 gears. less than 1,500 miles. look perfect, new bearings on the pinion.
axles, miles, but $50 for the 2 in it.
this can go either way.
if you want to buy the full complete setup housing with everything in it, $700.
okay, the only thing is, these parts will stay in the vehicle till i recieve payment for the locker, so then i can place my order for a locker for my sterling, and then i will remove the detroit and let my truck sit on stands with no rear axle on it till i have enough money to purchase 4 wheels and the locker.
locker is $580 new, i would like $470, gears, they cost about $220, would like $150.
pplease help me out, i really need this money bad.
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