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Well I don't think that I have been missed much the past couple of weeks but here's the reason that I wasn't here much, put in more than a few late nights working on this rig for the SEMA Show here in Indy.

A friend of mine is over the top crazy into rock crawling and has put his money, heart, sole and maybe his life on the line (his wife may well kill him) to get his crawler ready for a new season with new rules and regulations.

While I'm just the chassis painter, bracket maker and brake plumber it takes a damn lot of work to make one of these things crawl.

Here's a link to the fluff and fun part at the end of page 5 (even a shot of some young model on top of the rig) but be sure you go back a page or two and see what fun we had getting things fit to crawl.

The saga isn't over, something broke badly during the show. It's all fun!

Take a look!

Crawler Fun
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