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O/T BMW question

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My girlfriend has a 1995 325i with the 6 cylinder. The valve cover gasket is leaking and the shop she has it at right now wants to charge her $250 to replace it and is telling her it's 'urgent'. I called the dealership and they say it's not urgent, which is what I thoght. Anyway, has anyone here ever replace the valve cover gasket on one of these? If so, how hard is it to do? Any special tools?
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It's no big deal. 'bout the same as any other cover gasket. I've done the one on my 325i in an hour or so.

The only urgency is that oil *could* drip onto the exhaust, causing an engine fire. Unlikely, but possible. $250 is a bit much. I would charge $60 plus the gasket for it if it were in my shop.

DO NOT GET THE HAYNES MANUAL FOR THE BMW. Get the Bentley manual instead ( has it, or go to The Haynes is worthless. The Bentley is about $45, but it is sooooooooo much better.
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