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Just to let those who were following my summer's adventure to Colorado, I'm back home in not so lovely IL. There's a drought here and farmers are losing their crops, where as the place I left had amazing mountains and wasn't so humid. I'm glad to be back though, I was starting to feel the urge to go home. Not that I know where home is much anymore since I've got so many places I can call home. I move into school in two days and still haven't touched the Jeep from when I parked it almost 3 months ago. Thankfully my dad has been taking care of it and running the engine regularly. Sadly in my absence gas has gone up to $2.75 and shows no sign of going down soon. Isn't home great?

Right now I'm also working on getting my nearly 350 pics loaded and saved. Hopefully soon they'll all be up online. I know there's about 140 up now, so another 200 to go. Here's a taste, and one of my favorites.



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