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Well my ongoing search continues for a decent but cheap pickup to use as a daily highway driver, parts hauler, and tow rig for my 72 Commando on a dual axle trailer. Most of what I have found in Fords and Chevys has been too beat or too expensive but I may have found a decent Dodge. Its an 85 one ton, 4WD, 360, 727, and I believe it should have 60s front and rear and a 205 case but will confirm this when I see it in person. I have no experience with Dodges at all so is there anything I should watch out for on them and will this have enough power to pull well? Is the 360 a decent compromise for a DD and a tow rig? I figure I can always throw a 4bbl and headers on it for more power and a tranny cooler is a must for the 727 but other than that it should be pretty much bulletproof, right? Thanks for any help from anyone that has any experience with them....


I would love to say that I would recommend my dodge. Unfortunately, it blew the motor 150 miles after I bought it. It is a 90 1 ton with a 360 and a NP435. It is a 2wd with a dana 70 rear. Great truck, but I think the 360 is too small for a 1 ton. It is way too easy to overload the engine with what the frame and chassis is able to easily haul. I broke the crank, bent a rod, broke a piston, punched a hole in the cylinder and probably more. This truck only has 72000 miles and looks really nice. But, the 360 1 ton is only rated at 8900 lbs GVWR. SO, long story short, check the motor VERY carefully. You don't want to be like me... I bought this nice tow rig so I could stop driving my commando, and now I am driving my commando all the time
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