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1. Wow...
2. What more can I say,
3. Now I love motorcycles,
4. But I'd NEVER get on that bike...
5. But it sure is a neat feat of engineering.
6. So where are the DC research dollars ending up?
7. Have a look...
8. No wonder they're thinkin' of moving Wrangler production outside the US...
9. To paraphrase the pigs in Animal Farm ..
10. Two wheel drive good... Four wheel drive better!
11. Oh, yeah, it's only gonna cost about $500,000 (US).


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I was very impressed with the engineering part of that TOMAHAWK motorcycle. There is no frame, all the accessories bolt right to the engine. But then I saw it being ridden on TLC. It really looked combersome. Not like a motorcycle at all. It's very kewl as a prototype...... just showing off. But I can't see a production run of any size.

I still don't understand the theory of building that 48 cylinder bike. Just because?? Where's the enjoyment? I like the thought, and effort..... just doesn't seem to have much "payback"....

... oh well..... to each his own.....

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In reply to:

There is no frame, all the accessories bolt right to the engine.

[/ QUOTE ]

Raise your hand, class, if you remember the Vincent Black Shadow.

A conventional-looking big V-twin in the mid '50s. A casual observer might mistake it for a Harley, but the transmission and crankcase were in a common casting. The rear swingarm bolted to the transmission, top of the rear shocks to the back cylinder head, and front fork to the front cylinder.

That's to the best ability of my feeble memory to call up the only one I ever saw, which was in the early '60s.
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