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NV4500 need a body lift?

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I've heard that it is recomended that you use a 1 inch body lift when installing a NV4500 b/c of its size. Does anyone know if this is true or has anyone had to put a body lift on to clear a tranny before? Thanks.

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7
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I put one in a CJ-7, replacing a T-5, no body lift needed, but it is tight. You also have to notch and reinforce the stock skid plate or fabricate a new one as the trans is much taller than the originals.

did you buy it used /new/ rebuilt and what kind of adapters did you need and any idea of the total cost Ballpark guestimate.did you need to shorten the drive shaft or modify anything else ?I am thinking of doing it maybe next year,maybe pick up the components one at a time.

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Got one on my YJ without the body lift.

The NV4500 that I used was from Advanced Adapters, cost around $2100 new with a shifter, with an adapter plate for the bellhousing (T5 or T176 type), and a trans mount kit. The shifter ends up about 5 inches forward of the T5 hole. The trans and adapter is roughly 2 inches longer than a T5, so the rear shaft had to be shortened and the front lenghtened. The t-case bolted directly to the trans (Dodge 4WD type) with no adapter needed, except the shifter handle required rebending to go through the same, original hole. A different pilot bushing in the crank was provided (Dodge Magnum type), but the stock clutch disc splines were right. The hardest part was the skid plate mods, and rebending the t-case shift handle, lots of trial and error, heating and bending etc.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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