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I finally did the Nutter ignition bypass this weekend. I admit I was hesitant to go into my engine compartment and start tracing wires and cutting them, but, I did anyway. It only took a few minutes and now it's done.

I no longer deal with computer input screwing up the idle of the motor, even with a new Weber installed. On occasion, the computer would make some kind of change to the distributor function and foul me up somewhere. At this point, the motor runs free and has no fluctuations in idle at all. I re-tuned my carb and sat in the drivers seat and listened to a 258 run and run and run and rev up high with no problems. This is how it was meant to be. I feel so much better about the entire operation of the motor. The bypass project also pointed out to me that I needed a new ignition module... so there's something else fixed.

I would recommend this Nutter bypass to anyone with the 258 motor.

85 CJ8,258,Weber32/36,4" BDS lift,4.10,35"tires,f/r lockers

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I did the Nutter bypass about a year ago. After the bypass I took it to a carb shop and had them check the mixture (nice to live in Montana... might be hard to get a carb shop to look at it is some states). It turned out that I was running a little rich. IMHO, your next step should be to replace your ignition system with a GM HEI... a tremendous upgrade and cheap too (search the boards for this one).


'86 CJ7/258/HEI/TF999/Dana44
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