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I just a bought an 87 Wrangler 6 cylinder.Almost all vacuum hose are disconnected and some parts missing[sol-vac soleniod etc.].The ignition system has been upgraded.I am considering using the Nutter bypass.I am hearing about problems in cold or wet weather.Where is the best place to get info on doing this change?I read some instructions on this,they reference a purple and orange wire,but not a black wire coming from my distributer.I am just now getting into jeeps and not sure what the ignition upfrsde is.Distributer has a large blue cap if that helps.

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Driverside, under the coolant bottle is the ignition module. Leave the black wire alone because it is already in the corect place. Run the purple wire from yje distributor directly to the purple on the module, run the orange directly to the orange and the ignition part is done.

Now pull the solenoid off of the back of the BBD carb(it is only four screws) and pull the needles all the way out. Put the solenoid back in and leave the harness're done.

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