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Re: what is a nutter bypass? (no text)

I've yanked the plugs coming out of the back of the carb and didn't notice any difference.... Just make sure the carb is all cleaned out, set the fuel mixture and idle, and let her run! Also disconect that [email protected] warm-up idle bumper (the little piston that pumps up the idle.) My Jeep had a severly erractic idle that would lead to a stall, but when I disconnected this it idled at 200RPMS! give the idle screw a few turns and wala! Nicely running Jeep (for once), that is until I got mud in the carb and it quit idling and had to be rebuilt...actually I finally replaced that BBD with a Weber 38! Got muddy water in it too and have the non-idling problem again...going to clean it out soon though.

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I did the Nutter bypass about a year ago, on my 89 YJ. I cant remember exactly what wires I had to splice into from the ignition module. It was fairly easy though. I would recommend to just do the GM HEI swap. It saves you a ton of wiring , and you will get more performance out of it. More bang for the buck!

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