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I don't have the part numbers handy, but i have done this conversion. I think I posted the info here a long time ago. I'll try to find my notes.

Anyway on a YJ I used.

The 6.5" stickout ford np435,

A T-150/176 bellhousing

A stock hydraulic slave cylinder (possibly from a jeep with the Pontiac "Iron Duke"

CJ master cylinder

starter used by the T-150/176 trans,

special pilot bushing (available from Novak or AA),

AA Np435 to NP231 adaptor

in my combo, the pressure plate is either the correct one for the T-150/176 trans or an '88 yj with a 4.2 and 5 speed. Not sure.

i think the clutch disc is a mustang or CJ. Anyway it is a simple matter of matching the needed outside diameter and spline count and sizes.

In My YJ, the skid plate had to be modified and I am not sure this swap could be done without a bobylift of floor mods.

Also if anyone reading this is considering this swap into a YJ, it is my understanding that all YJ 4.2's actually used the same flywheels as the early non HO 4.0. Mine did. the problem here is that the 4.0 flywheel is thinner (from the crank flange to flywheel face) than the 4.2 flywheels from CJ's. This caused me problems with the clutch not releasing. Swapping to the thicker "CJ years" flywheel solves this problem.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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