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Here is one for you...

I went out and looked in my buddies 87.
NP 231.
I know he bought it new, and never changes anything...

After talking to him awhile, I found out he had problems with the T-Case shortly after he bought the Jeep.
Jeep replaced the T-Case under warranty in Mar. 88.

He still has the work order/ bill from the Jeep dealership in his paperwork folder.
(He's smart, he has ALL of his receipts. Wish I was that bright...)
It just says remove and replace Transfer case in the labor portion of the bill,
There is an order number for the NP-231, but it doesn't say what came out of the Jeep originally...

Wonder if they switched the NP-207 for the NP-231 then??

His orignal spec sheet says NP-207 for transfer case, but dealer propagainda and what the manufacturer actually installed are two entirely different things...

Unless he had bought it new, we would never have found out the T-Case had been changed...

Just food for thought.

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