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Hi all, I just bought a 1977 GMC sierra 15 with a np203 on it, It turns out the previows owner(s) installed front locking hubs and didn't do the part-time mod. they were running the t-case locked all the time. Not only that they used gear oil on the poor thing still runs.

anyways I just want this truck for pulling a 24' boat around and out of ramps, and maybe for hawling things around a few times each month.
My question is whether I should install a part-time kit or just drive it around on full-time mode, (locked hubs) as it was meant to drive from factory.

I've looked around and I've seen the mile marker kits, I'm not willing to spend much ($100 or less)so the 501 seems like a good choice.
I've seen it on summit for $48 or so after their $8 handling fee?? I have locals AutoZones but don't know if they carry it.

Any other choices? where to get it cheaper...etc?


Also since I'm new to 4x4s I have no idea on how to properly shift the np203....should I come to a complete stop, put the tranny in park or neutral, to shift to LOC hi or low...etc?
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