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Hi, does anyone know of anyone who makes a 4to1low for a 205t/c. I have been looking around and can't seem to find anyone
Can't I just go to a machine shop and have them make me new gears? doesn't it work that way?
Not to sure... any option would be great

SOA/OME,FS 9"/rev.44,np435/np205,Detroits/4:56's,35's,OBA/York.

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check out the marlin crawler people, I think they are working on something for the 205, if i recall correctly it is an add on planetery unit using parts from the chain drive new process gear box. Yes you can go to a machine shop and have gears made, but it would be far, far, far cheaper to go buy an atlas II transfer case, since they have spread the overhead cost over a few hundred units.
good luck jjc

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