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I started my Jeep last night to move it into the garage. The engine was cold (4.0L) and made a loud squeaking noise for about 10 seconds then it stopped quickly (as it warmed up)? BTW: there are 44,000 miles on it...

I tried to repeat the noise, and succeeded for only a few seconds (the engine/belt was warm).

I replaced the V-belt not too long ago. My guess is the water pump is going out, or there is something going on with the fan. I am unable to pinpoint the noise. Any ideas?

If it is the water pump, I'll replace it (with the thermostat), but will do it myself. The problem is I can never get the belt tensioned correctly. Any ideas?


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Did it rain before you started it? Sounds like a wet / loose belt issue. I didn't think the V-belt was used as late as 94. I thought they switched over to serpentine with the 4.0 motor? Guess not. Goes to show what I know. /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

Check the water pump for play, alternator, etc., and put some belt dressing on the belt - comes in a spray can. See if that helps. If you just replaced the belt, it could have stretched. Sometimes they need to be tightened after a little while I think when they're new.

Good luck

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Water pumps go out in one of two ways....they leak or sieze up. If its not leaking, then take off the belt and turn it with your hand. If it turns easily and there is no grinding feeling, its ok. To tighten your belt, use the altinator. You will have to take about 3 bolts loose to do it. There is a square socket on the bracket that you can put a breaker bar into and apply tension to get the slack out. You should not have more than about 1" of deflection between the 2 top pullies. One other thing....if the tension is ok, make sure all the pullies are lined up correctly. Its possible to get the power stearing pump a little off.

If thats not the problem, then it just may be a bad belt. I bought a new one from Pep Boys that would never stop making noise. Evently I took it back and they gave me a new was fine.

John......southern CA
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