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Now MY ignition guys JINXED me!!!

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I've about got my '72 CJ-5 back together. I decided to take a little break from suspension and drivetrain work and do a LOF and tuneup to the old 305. Thing fired up for a second, quit, and wouldn't fire again. Did some checking, NO SPARK. My Mallory Unilite appears to have burnt the module. $90 bucks for a new module!!! This distributor has served me well in a few vehicles for about 12 years, so I guess I've gotten my money out of it. Still chaps my a$$ though. Here I was all cocky about these ignition upgrades, thinking "I don't have to worry about that, I've got a good ignition" and POOF darn gremlins got me when I wasn't looking. Looks like the stock HEI is going back in. I'll be getting something better for the new 377.

I know this is you guy's fault. You've been chasin' the ignition gremlins out of a lot of your Jeeps lately and now they are out roamin' around looking for new homes.

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Fer whatever it's worth.... one of my work associates, who runs a very-hi-po Ford drag car, ran a Unilite for several years, long ago, when it was almost the only game in town. He experienced a very high failure-rate. I would hope that Mallory has conquered the problem, by now. Best of luck, which-ever way you go.

Mallory still has a few loyal fans, but they are wearing down fast.
I notices they have a magnetic conversion kit for the unilite now, and they have a magnetic pickup in the new distributors...

Looks like maybe they got the message too...

I killed unilite distributors right and left in testing... I finally gave up on them.
If you got 12 years out of one, that's the most I've ever heard of ...

Maybe you can change it over to magnetic pickup and still use the distributor housing?

Good luck dudes, Aaron.

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