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Now it\'s time to have fun

It's been a long four weeks, just finished traveling from Alaska to new London CT. for two weeks of training. On the night I got home my father-in-law had a massive stroke, so I fly my wife home to Michigan to be with him on his last moments.(me and my two kids followed a couple of days later for the funeral). Then last Wed me and the kids 12 and 10 yoa came back, after 5 hours in a car and 7 1/2 hour in planes we got home, the wife is still in Michigan. WHAT A LONG DAY!

A buddy and me went to the dump today and found a Ford 9inch for him and a D44 front for me "FREE". Boy what a way to recharge your batterys, it's almost as good as being out on the trails, and after the last 4 weeks, I realy needed it!!!
We are going back in a couple of weeks to get another front D44 out of a J10, I should be able to combine to two to get what I want, I also think I found a D44 rear with a locker, I still need to remove the cover and check.

Time to have fun again.

Just needed to vent a little, thanks for listening.

Madd Mudder, wheeling Alaska

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Re: Now it\'s time to have fun

You have got to appreciate the ability to go to a dump and find contentment, even as lifes tempests are bearing down on you.
Sorry to hear about your Father in Law, but its the way of life, that children should attend their fathers burials, and not the other way around.
Enjoy the life of your own children having fun around you, Like you said, "Its time to have fun".

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