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Now it\'s time to have fun

It's been a long four weeks, just finished traveling from Alaska to new London CT. for two weeks of training. On the night I got home my father-in-law had a massive stroke, so I fly my wife home to Michigan to be with him on his last moments.(me and my two kids followed a couple of days later for the funeral). Then last Wed me and the kids 12 and 10 yoa came back, after 5 hours in a car and 7 1/2 hour in planes we got home, the wife is still in Michigan. WHAT A LONG DAY!

A buddy and me went to the dump today and found a Ford 9inch for him and a D44 front for me "FREE". Boy what a way to recharge your batterys, it's almost as good as being out on the trails, and after the last 4 weeks, I realy needed it!!!
We are going back in a couple of weeks to get another front D44 out of a J10, I should be able to combine to two to get what I want, I also think I found a D44 rear with a locker, I still need to remove the cover and check.

Time to have fun again.

Just needed to vent a little, thank for listening.

Madd Mudder, wheeling Alaska

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Re: Now it\'s time to have fun

/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif When Jeepchick is feeling kind of "pent up" from not having gone anywhere for a week or two, there is nothing like some "retail therapy" at a nice shopping mall. With guys, it's different; we don't like malls; JUNK YARDS are where its at! NOTHING beats a nice day at Moe's Auto Salvage, finding all kinds of good junk to bring home./wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif I can certainly see where you needed some "junk therapy" after what you've been through!!/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif

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