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NOT able to locate W/S washer connection

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I have an 87 wrangler that was previously restored, and I can't find where the hoses for the wind shield washer fluid is to be connected.
I have it traced to the point where the hose comes into the cab, but after removing most of the dash console, I still have not found
where the hoses connect to the lines going to the hood "squirters". Please HELP! Wife is MAD because dash is apart and she
cannot drive here Toy.

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What I am going to say might not sound like much help, but try humoring me. You know about where the sprayers from looking on
the outside of you jeep. Now crawl under the dash area (just try and get comfortable ha ha.) stick you hand up there and close your
eyes. You won't able to get any good light up underneither there most likely anyways, especially if you have A/C. Now you know
about where it is so just start following the body lines of the jeep until you feel it. The heat duct work may complicate this , but you
know it is there. After you have found out how to reach it hold onto the hose and trace it out to whatever broke.
Happy hunting,
P.S. Your wife will have smaller hands that may fit better. Put her to work down there.

On a YJ, the two squirters have hoses running off of them into a plastic 'y' connector a few inches toward the driver side at the front of the cowl. The line from the washer pump that runs into the cab just hooks up to the 3rd connection on the plastic 'y'

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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