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The All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada recently welcomed Americans Dan Kleen and Russ Ehnes to their Advisory Board of Directors. The AQCC is Canada's version of the United States' SVIA. Kleen is the current President of the NOHVCC Board of Directors and Ehnes is the Executive Director of the NOHVCC.
"This collaboration will give like minded people on both sides of the border the opportunity to strategize together on ATV challenges, as well as share resources that have been already developed, allowing all of us to put more dollars into programs that have not been worked on yet," says Wayne Daub, Secretary Treasurer of AQCC. "This is a huge step forward for Canada, to be able to work with the NOHVCC in this capacity. We are also looking forward to attending their conference in March."

The Canadian OHV Distributors Council (COHV) is the umbrella group for the national organizations, the All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada and the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada, which all have ties to the NOHVCC. Late last year the NOHVCC and the COHV signed a Memorandum of Understanding that the two organizations would work together to to further a positive future for responsible off-highway vehicle recreation in North America.

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