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No start

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Got no spark. No injector pulse. 5 volts to the sensors.
New ignition module.
Hall effect switch? Thats where i'm going. I have no codes except the trans codes but my Snap-on scanner wont read the data from the PCM. Only codes. I'm gonna grab a distributor from the yard by work during lunch. If that doesn't work i'm gonna throw a PCM at it. PLUS it's been around 5 degrees for the last week here so i can't look at anything too deeply cuz my brain freezes.
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Distributor did nothing. Still no coil or injector pulse. What year PCM will work? 90 F250 5.8 C6 swapped in. 8600 GVW. No emissions controls. 1 02 Sensor. I had a 88 F150 PCM 5.8 but the guys at the yard said it wont work so they wouldn't sell it to me.
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