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I have not been able to start my 87 XJ (4.0L) for a month now. It cranks,
but does not get a spark and the fuel injectors wont fire. I know the fuel
injectors arent broken, they are just not getting the signal from the ECU.
The CPS is fine because i replaced it. I replaced the sync sensor, too when i replaced the distributor.
The distributor indexing is correct. The fuel pump and fuel pump relay are
not broken. The wiring at the computer is tight. All of the blue
"plug-in" relays are working. The Ignition Control Module and the coil are
both working fine. I did get it to start and run once, but then after that
it would only crank and not start again.

Please help, i don't want tohave to pay a mechanic to fix it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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