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hello i have a 86 ford bronco II 2.9l manual tranny, it sat 10 years before i bought it, the story i got was the fuel pump went out and the owner just parked it, i swapped out both pumps cleaned out tank and ran clean gas out the fuel rail, it wouldnt start, i went to the chiltons followed the steps found the ignition control module was bad i swapped it out still no spark, everything else tested good, so im assuming the ecu is bad? is there any way to test the ecu? or where i can buy one for a reasonable price any help is appreciated

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I am having the same problem with the same year, make and model.
I have replaced the ECM (ECU, Computer, or whatever else it is referred to as).
Completely rewired the engine compartment so it no longer crosses under the upper intake, installed a remote TFI on a heat sink from a 94 Taurus, (I really do recommend this mod).
New battery
New cap & rotor (brass contacts from NAPA)
New plugs
New coil
Replaced all injectors
Cleaned the fuel tank and replaced both pumps
Checked compression (242,000 miles--135# to 145#)
I have just about run outta things to try. But have a lotta money in it now, so will keep at it.
I am going to recommend a web site I frequent that has a lot of info about Rangers/Bronco II's. The Ranger Station - Your Ultimate Ranger Resource
Keep us posted as to what you find.
You might also want to see about pulling the codes, if any come up.

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Fuel cut off switch

Did you test the fuel cut off switch that one can be a trickey little bas**** I know I had trouble with mine and by passed it lots of spark now. usually located on the firewall or floor close too the firewall on the passengers side. Pluu back the carpet and it should be there.Check to see if the butten on it is depressed if not push it in or just by pass it. The rattle you here in it is normal. This switch is used to cut off power to the fuel punp in the instance of a crash but some times a good bump will set it off.
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