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Does anybody know of a catalog called No Excuses?

I heard they are a no frills 4x4 parts wholesaler that has really good prices but I couldn't find any info on them in my web search.

Thx Panther


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I'm not sure if they still exist, but they used to be a real good source for hard parts. I think the phone
number is 800-NOEXCUSE or something like that. If that doesn't work, they are located in or around
Englishtown, NJ. 201 is the area code there as far as I know.

Terry L. Howe

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Thanks terry, I found them.

No Excuses
16 Front St
New Egypt, NJ 08533

They had the lowest price for a Detroit I can find $468.31 shipped.
Anyone know of somewhere more competitive?

Thx Lee


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No Excuses is still in business and are a great resource for parts or service. Jack is one of the best Jeeps
resources on the East Coast. He has hooked me up with some hard to find parts. He has even gone so
far as to calling his own personal friends and getting them to sell me some of their used parts because
no one made them anymore. His number is 1-800-923-JEEP. Tell him Vince in South Jeresy sent you.


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I just recently bought an Advance Adapters WC T-5 through No Excuses. Have also purchased other parts from them. Jack is a great guy to deal with.


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Re: No Excuses - Detroit for WAY less

For a dana 44 the price for detroit at Leon Rosser just went up from $444 to $470 a month ago.

I bought one from think jeep at $444 but when the price went up I had to look elsewhere.

$422 is the best I have seen recently.


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I just bought a Detroit Locker from Randy's for $440.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)

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Re: No Excuses - Detroit for WAY less

Yeah, I just checked after I posted that. I am so used to checking Toyota prices(generally pretty high), I assumed a 44 Detroit would be aboout the same.

Makes me wonder why the price difference between the different models. I think the R&D is well covered by now for the Dana 44 model - you would think they would be offering a very low price to sell more.

I know that if I could get a detroit for my Toy for $350, I would have easily spent the $120 more (than I paid for my rear lockright) on a REAL locker - a Detroit...

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