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My 83CJ7 has had the Duraspark module replaced with an Allison XR700 (now made by Cranecam). Can I still do the TFI coil upgrade, or will I have to go back to a Duraspark module?


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if you have the duraspark base, you could just add the large cap, rotor, wires, and the tfi coil. the xr700 as i remember is a decent unit although it is still an inductive discharge. if you want to run a CDI box, you will want to go back to the factory mag trigger, or you will have to drive xr700 into the CDI box. that is not the best way to do it, but it will work.

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Rolfe, the Allison XR700 will work with a TFI coil or a Crane PS-90 coil, but a ballast resistor has to be used to reduce voltage to the coil.

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