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Hello I was wondering if you could attach the air filter straight to the TB no air tube. I would use a k&n cone/conical (speeling?) filter if I could
are there any draw backs?

ps i got a 94 YJ stock air setup. Dont want to pay $$ for turbo city air tube


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The main (only... actually -that's apparent to me now) drawback is that you lose your "filtered air vent" for your PCV system....which means that your crankcase will be under full manifold vacuum.......may not cause any problems.....who knows? I just ordered the Rocket Tube..mainly so I could reclaim the space that the airbox takes up......some have said that the 'Tube is a rip-off.....mainly because the finish and fit are not up to the price tag. Ahh.....if $70 is all I waste in the bonding and the spending of "quality time" one does with ones Jeep......I'll consider myself fortunate.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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