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Hi folks,

My truck sometimes squeeeels when I go over 55 mph or so. I dont have an AC belt, and the chevy dealer said this was causing too much stress on the main pulley. (the reason for the other belt squeeling) All my belts are tight.

It seems like I loose power when it starts squeeling. It never used to do this before- my AC has been busted for years! (siezed) If my old compressor still spins should I just put another belt on or is there something that can replace the AC compressor- like a dummy pulley?? Or should I forget about it?

Thanks for your opinions!
1988 Suburban 3/4 ton w/ 350.

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It's probably related to RPM.

Figure out which one is squeeling and replace it. Or just find the one that is glazed and replace that one. If it has an air pump then that's probably the culprit.

As far as AC goes, as long as the clutch doesn't engage it shouldn't be a problem. However, just buy a belt (or belts) designed to not have AC. It doesn't stress anything any more than before, otherwise what about all those vehicles that don't have AC and still have the same basic belt system? It's actually less stress since there is no rotating mass nor any belt being stuck in a groove and pulled back out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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