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The New Jersey Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) community, with over 100,000 members, is still waiting for Commissioner Bradley Campbell to dedicate land for safe and legal facilities in New Jersey for people to enjoy their chosen sport. On October 7, 4TH, 2002, Campbell issued a new OHV directive #2002-001 and announced rules prohibiting off road motorcycles and quads from all state owned land. The directive went as far as eliminating licensed OHV events on state land, including one with a positive 35-year history. The cancellation of these events has negatively affected local businesses that depend on tourism dollars generated by these events and essential service organizations that are beneficiaries of OHV fundraising.
As part of the October 7 directive, Commissioner Campbell promised its’ Office of Natural and Historic Resources to develop TWO appropriate recreational areas for lawful OHV use - while meeting the policy's safety and natural resource protection requirements. The DEP's goal was to have two such facilities established and in operation by 2005, now only 6 months away. A subcommittee was formed to recommend a location but nothing has been found. Currently the State of New Jersey owns more than 1.26 million acres of property AND IS PURCHASING MORE LAND ALMOST WEEKLY. In this vast bank of State owned land, the OHV subcommittee has found nothing they deem “usable.” The New Jersey OHV community asks why? And, when?

New Jersey is one of the few states in the country that does not provide land for OHV recreation. In the last six years, New Jersey has received nearly five million dollars from the Federal Recreation Trails program, 30% of which ($1,500,000.00) is earmarked for motorized trails. Last year, only two motorized trail projects were funded from this program, Egg Harbor PAL and Island Beach State Park sport fishing beach trail, for a total of $160,950. Where is the balance of this money and why is it not being applied where the Federal government has intended?

New Jersey’s OHV industry generates millions of dollars in tax revenue. In 2001, the estimated economic value of New Jersey’s retail marketplace for the motorcycle industry was $451,010,000. The Garden State is home to over 110 retail outlets employing over 1,250 people with an estimated payroll exceeding $30,005,000. Why is the State excluding this large population that generates considerable tax revenue?
Commissioner Campbell has made a promise, for which he has not yet followed through on. The clock is ticking….
The Xtreme Habitat Recreation Corporation, a non-profit organization is also trying to seek other options for land as well as considering other actions forcing the state to use the federal funds appropriately.

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