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Hey, any of you guys have any experience with or know
where I can get any information on setting up Nitrous
Oxide on my '86 250R? Are there any special enging mods
that need to be done? I saw this one guy on the dunes
last summer with a bottle and a $#!tload of extra plumbing on his ATC 250R, but he was movin' so fast I never got to
talk to him about it.
Thanx! Dan


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i am not sure of any companie's that do it you should probobly just search the internet for that but. you should prolly have coated pistons and sleeve to stand up to the heat.

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You definetly want to go to Look for his e-mail address on the website.
The guy's name is Rick, and he's a nerd when it comes to stuff like this. He has an '86 250R that's been on the bottle for a while.
He would probably be more than happy to give you some advice.


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