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I have never heard of any laws prohibiting wheeling at night.
I love night wheeling. I have wheeled nearly every trail at johnson valley forward and backwards at night. Rock lights under the fenders are the best way to go. They put the light where you need it and dont blind your spotter if you happen need one. They also make night repaires on axles and steering much easier than holding a minimag flashlight in your teeth.
If you ever get a chance to wheel with no lights under a full moon, thats a blast also. It takes about 10 minutes without lights to allow your eyes to get adjusted, but after that you can see fine, however you need to make sure no one in the group turns on there lights(back up lights need to be disconnected), or the entire group is blind for about 10 minutes.
Go slow, and enjoy it, night wheeling is a lot of fun.

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