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I found spray on cans of 'Chip guard' at my local Baxter auto parts store, which is that semi-textured stuff they put on at the factory on rocker panels of some cars. It came in flat black and clear, and can be top coated or left alone. I masked off the CJ so I got a 2" band of the flat black stuff around the rocker panels, lip of fenders from the grille around, and around the back. It looks great and is really tough. It sticks better than herculiner. It is some kind of hard rubbery stuff and gets its texture from how you spray it and bonds well to paint. It's kind of like the liquid electrical tape or rubbery stuff you use to coat tool handles. My '94 Miata has the stuff on it factory under the paint up the rocker panels and doors and I have yet to have a ding on it below the line. It cost $12 a big spray can, which was enough for 6 coats on my '5 (the can says at least 3), and it also comes in cans that you spray yourself for $24/quart if you have a gun that can handle it, like HVLP. The stuff dries in 3 hours. I think I will do my fenderwells and bumpers with it too. The texture ended up about like an orange peel. Make sure you take the masking off before it drys, though, otherwise the tape won't want to come up and the edge won't be sharp.

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