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AJF is right. your desciption is not detailed enough to decide whether or not it is your actual brake disc, or it is something else (most likely your trim). Take it to your local hobby shop where you can have someone there help you set your trim and inspect the brake disc for you. If you have never set a nitro cars trim before, dont until it is explained to you. You run the risk of the car taking off on you after start up, or not stopping when hitting the brakes.


Did you buy the car brand new or used? if the car was bought new, then they may be talking about the distance between the pads and the disc. This will be set in accordance to how you have the throttle trim set on your controller. if you bought it used, they may have been talking about you needing a new brake disc for the car which, should install pretty easy (considering you can find parts for this off brand model) but remember that after installation, your trim will most likely need to be set, along with the gap between your brake pad and new disc. Like we told him, your best bet is to take it to a hobby shop where your brakes and trim can be diagnosed and set properly.

PS: to both of you and all, get a fail safe no matter what, it is more than worth it! ask your hobby store for one (basic viper fail safe works well). Take this info kindly from a nitro vet.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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