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Hello everyone, Im totally new to this forum. My name is Ryan and I own a 91 Toyota 2WD 4Runner (aka The 2Runner) that I bought a month ago for 1900.

So heres my story and some questions. I orginally bought the 4Runner to lower a few inches and use it as my daily driver. I got to thinking I already own a Bagged 90 Toyota Standard Cab and an 95 Chevy Astro with a 6in drop, so why do I need another one. I went up to my buddies cabin last weekend with it and thats when I relize I totally want to do a prerunner setup. I dont know something about mobbing on some trails really got me going, lol.

I guess my question would be, can someone hook me up with some links for some websites that sell long travel suspension for a 2wd 4Runner? Feel free to give me some tips and advice, Im a Mini guy going into a new tall world, I guess you could say.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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