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82 KingCab 720 4x4 @ 300,000 Km

1.) I have a 2nd gear vibration under full throttle acceleration it goes away at about 3000 rpm.
The U-joints, slip yoke and Drv. shaft are good....

2.) There is also a vibration in 4th and 5th gear
between 45 - 55 Mph, I sounds like someone is running
an small vibrating compactor on the roof of the cab.

3.) The stock z22 engine wants to idle at 1200 rpm even after the idle screw is turned down.
I can kick it down under 1000 rpm but, but if I use the throttle at all is goes back to 1200 rpm again...

Now from what I have read and been told:

I am assuming these are bearing problems with:
(1.) is the result of worn bearings in the 5 Spd. Trans.
(2.) The transfer case input and (or)the output bearing and (or) the pinion bearing in the rear diff.
(3.) This problem gets less severe as my engines temp rises
and almost behaves when it reaches 40% - 50% on the temp guage. It does like to stay at 25%.
I have already replaced the thermostat with the recomended replacement (180').
Perhaps a 190' or even 200' thermostat is required.

Q: Would I be right in these assumptions...?

thanks in advance :cheers

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Well, It seems I figured out what problem # 1 was, from what I was previuosly told and read.

Worn bearings....

Problem # 2: Turned out to be a misaligned drive shaft.
After taking it in and out a couple of times and turning the shaft flanges and slip yoke 180'
I finally got rid of most of the vibration.
There is still some vibration between 45 - 50 Mph, But verry little.
I'll chalk what's left up to 300.000 Km. of wear & tear....
I can live with it for now...

I'm still working on # 3 ......

I'll let ya know what I turn up...

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