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I bought a 51 cj3a. I have a lot to learn. Such as what is missing and where should it go?
would the toledo fathers day show be a good place to see the way the jeep should look restored as a sunday driver?
is a camcorder allowed? 4 hour drive to get there.


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Don't know anything about the show, but if you are looking for parts and info, and both have a lot of great parts. Willysoverland even has a few original parts they have found in wharehouses and overstocks. Willysoverland also has great customer service. An old service manual is geat way to find what parts are missing.

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Thanks for the info.
I have been reading SWB*BBS for a few weeks.
My compression is 120#, 130#, 90#, 120#.
runs nice but was a hunting jeep and parts are missing.



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Damn, I didn't know the compression numbers were that high.

Congrats on the purchase, and welcome to the addiction.

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