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Well I just got my new softtop on my jeep... Installation video did it in 15 min, I did it in 3 hrs. And I still got the upper softtop flap off by half an inch in the windshield gutter... *mumble* :) Go figure.

Anywaz, I'm adding some more weatherstriping to the front windshield, right where the soft upper meets the windshield frame. It looks pretty sealed, but I'm just picky.

Here's the kicker... Where can I find a replacement weather seal that goes underneath the windshield frame and around the hinges? Mine isn't sealing anymore, and I suspect it's allowing water to come in behind the dash.

93 YJ, 4.0L, Tuffy'ized interior

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Brian, Four Wheel Drive Hardware has what you need. Go to and get a catalog from them (it's free). It has been an invaluable source for fixing up my CJ-7. The catalog I have lists the cowl weather seal for the YJ at $39.99 (Part number 55009127, but don't quote me). This isn't the latest catalog from them, I've been assured the new one is on the way. Good luck!/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif

Mike H.
1983 CJ-7 Laredo
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