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Hi all.
I am a bit of a wird one in that I have serious disabilities and brain damage, but i can still communicate and use half my body okay.
I have lost concecpt of date and time along with a lot of other problems but am happy in life and enjoy trying to do what I did in my life before a serious RTA did this to me in 2012.
I use a speech program to use the internet and computers, so can talk faster than the PC can type in front of me.

I have severe cognitive functioning and reasoning issues and have carers every day for the rest of my life, so things are not quite the normal at my end.
But I can still hold and use a spanner, even if it takes me hours instead of minutes to do things.
My rehab was intense for many years and now I get by with what I am left with, and seem to manage, even if i scare others by trying to do things i was once able to.

I am here to either ask for or give help in mechanics.
I have purched an Apache Quad RLX320 utility for a very cheap price because it does not go into gear and crunches trying.
I will either get help here from others or I can document the actual strip-down and repair for others to follow if this is what is wanted.

I am medically retired through disability so live on a shoe-string, hence any help, little or a lot is always appreciated.
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