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Hey Guys,

New to this forum, and mainly joined because of my problems finding some products/mods for my truck.

I have a 2001 XLT F-250 (7.3L) with a 6" Fabtech Lift, Bushwacker Fender Flares (Riveted) and a few other modifications. I HAD 20x9" ATX Punisher wheels on the truck wrapped in Mickey 35x12.5R20LT Thompson Baja ATZ Radials. I actually am running my winter setup still (stock wheels and 35" Town/Countrys) becuase the Punisher wheels started to flake and i got full credit back from the dealer i bought them from...

So no onto my issues: I have looked and looked and looked and.... LOOKED for rims to replace the old ones and mount on my still existing/sitting MT's. The problem is every rim i have inquired about has either been on backorder for a month or two and is another couple months away, or is not "available"... It is really getting frustrating.

Any recommendations on the following items (ie. Where to get good deals, links, etc)

- 20x9" or 10" Wheels - Preferably chrome with a deeper dish, 8 spoke? something like that...
- ARB/Road Armor front bumpers - I have looked on the dealer sites, but they are DAMN expensive, and i'd like to explore for some deals on these.. Really like the Road Armor - Stealth Base

Thanks for listening, and any help is appreciated

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