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New Suspension

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OK, I think Id like to purchase a 3" or 4" suspension lift for my 85 CJ7
I need of some expert advise from someone who Isn't making $$ off the answer.
Here are my questions:

1. Do I need to put in a longer driveshaft for this (from a stock 85 CJ7)?
2. What brand do you recommend, I know some brands have a Military Wrap, (like Warn) Do you all think this is a neccessity?
3. Who sells the kits for the best price?
4. Do you know of any other hangups I'll have (I know I'll need a drop pitman arm), do I need anything else.

Thanks ahead for your help!

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Best ride for the buck is BDS,
kit comes with everything you need except the dropped arm. My YJ kit was like $400
Your driveshaft should work, not sure about CJ's though.

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Anyone Else?

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I have a friend with a 4" Superlift Kit and he LOVES it.

My .02

New England 4x4 Club
79 Jeep CJ7
I bought the Big Dick's 4" lift also.(BDS) At first, I thought I was going to have to eat the springs and go with a National Springs pack. After quizzing this Board, I found I just had to get out and flex it real good to get it broken in. You need to, have to, must drive someone else's Jeep with the lift installed that you are considering. Most feedback I have read on this BBS has been that a 4" lift is a drastic change in the ride and I still have to agree although I am quite used to mine and now wouldn't go back. My kit was $797 and included: Drop pitman arm, Transfer case lowering kit and extended brake lines.
Spend the extra money and get greasable shackle bushings and heavy duty shackle hangers and shackles right off. You will want them later and the idea of tearing into the springs again later will probably keep you from doing it as soon as you want to. This will add $60 each pair of heavy duty shackles and I think about $80 front and back for the hangers. That's another $280 and well worth it plus the greasable bushings. BDS may have the greasable bushings available with the kit. Mine are Currie's and they are one of the highest. Check out everything and don't get in a hurry, you'll get it done soon enough. Just do the research and drive other lifted Jeeps.
I did have my driveshaft lengthened about 1-1/4" and rebalanced, new u-joints and could not believe the difference it made. NO vibration. The front driveshaft is probably fine although it is 3/4" further extended than before the lift. I can only give firsthand info on the BDS but they do make good springs that have the teflon pads between each spring and an unbeatable warranty. The net result of my 4" lift was closer to 6" with the heavy duty shackles (added another 1/2") and taking into account the serious sag in the stock springs. It was quite a difference, and the 33" tires I bought don't even come close to making any contact with the fenders.
Oh, I almost forgot, someone mentioned recently that BDS may be in the quick-disconnect market too. The kit I bought had extended sway bar connections but were not QD's. Hope this helps and keep us posted on your choices. Feel free to ask more questions or e-mail.

85 CJ7
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