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new springs, SOA? or 3\" lift or ????

Good morning guys, I posted this on the Jeepster site and wanted to hear your thoughts here on the short wheel site.

My front springs are perfectly flat, no arch! I'm about to order some new ones. Alcan's seem to be the most popular on these Forums. Well, they ask a question of how much lift? Good question .... I want 3 more inches than I have now but my springs are flat. So my question is:
Has anyone replaced their front springs with new stock height springs?
How much lift did you gain?
How flat were your springs to start with?
If I ask for 3 inches of lift, I fear I will get 6 inches above what I have now (not good). I've added a winch, receiver hitch, heavy (4 inch channel) duty bumper, dual battery and power steering.
I've already sent my info to Alcan. But after I sent it, I got wondering just what I was asking for when I asked for a 3" lift. So I thought I would see what you guys on the Forum had to say. I'll go measure the 'Heep' in the morning and use your info. Last week I thought I had found a set of good used springs from Michael's rebuilding project but his springs off his 67' are narrower than the 2" on my '73. So now I'm looking at new front springs but unsure of just what I really need/want/afford. So now I'm wondering if the new springs are not enough, will I end up going to spring over ..... oh god more wrenching on the 'Heep' will it ever end and Egad less driving the 'Heep'.
Ok, I jacked up the 'Heep' and measured as you guys suggested. Wow, those brake lines and shocks gotta go, way too short.
Alcan suggest a shackle reversal: Here's what they said,

"Thanks for visiting our web sight . The springs we build
are custom made for your Jeep from the weight info and how you plan to use it . Doing a shackle reversal is common on the Comm. mostly for better steering and handling the power steering puts more stress side to side and if the shackles are on the front it makes it worse. The spring we build for the shackle reverse is different than the stock setup and
most are having use set it up like a CJ front spring, bushing wise because the parts easy to get , But we can build them most any way you like . They cost 165.00 each spring with bushings and they take about 5 weeks to build."

So what do you guys think? Shackle reversal? CJ type set up? Just what is the 'CJ type setup? I've been reading all morning in Forum Search.
Scrap the lift springs and go back to stock height springs and go SOA? Shackle reversal? I hear a lot of you guys are not keen on shackle reversal for off road?
Any & all advice accepted, wanted and needed!

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Re: new springs, SOA? or 3\" lift or ????

Just go spoa you will flex much better the ride will be better. Generally when you go with an arched spring they don't flex out well at all. They are stiffer and better suited to mud running then anything else. But since your buying alcans they will probably be flexy no matter what. So thats my .02$
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