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New Scrambler???

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I am about to purchase a new atv and I have narrowed it down to the scrambler 400 and 500. I know that the only real difference is that the ones a 2 stroke and the other is a 4 stroke. I have been told that the 2 stroke wont last as long but it is faster and cheaper to maintain. I was just wondering if anyone has owned either machine and had any problems with them. I would also like to know if I should stay away from a 2 stroke. Thanks

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My wife has the 400, and its perfect. I cant see there being any maintenance, other than a regular tune up, and maybe having the oil pump adjusted. Its taken some descent abuse, and loved it. Its so mild, I dont think you have to worry about it burning up adn needing frequent rebuilds.

The 500 has more torque down low, and the 400 is faster on top. I'd say its probably better to have the torque, but I doubt its that much different to justify the addional cost.


I appreciate your help in the matter, however, this site seems to lean toward banshees only.

Go with the 400, you'll love the power it makes. Then get a
stage 1 kit from RCR and make even more! I've had mine
for 2 years now and wonder why I didn't try a 2 stroke
sooner. They have been used buy boaters for a very long
time. I have a '52 Wizard outboard that runs like a top
and it's almost 50 years old. Unreliable 2 strokes are
in race machines that see high revs and abuse most ATVers
never dish out to their machines. I've been told the
Polaris piston is weak though so plan on changing that
for a Wiseco. But that's something most people do anyway.
But 4 strokes are good too so either one is a winner.

'98 Scrambler 400 RCR stage 1
'93 Polaris 350 4X4 w/V-plow
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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