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New price of TJ

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Can anybody tell how much a new TJ 4.0l 6cyl Manual gearbox with D44 rear axle and AirCo costs (preferably in Montana)? Trying to figure our some ideas for buying a new Jeep.


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About $22K for a sport with those options I think. I thought about buying one to replace my YJ and then changed my mind when I saw that price.

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You have to check but it seems to me I heard the Dana 44 wasn't available as an option starting with 2000 models.


I'm sure prices have gone up since '96, but our cost about $24,000, but it included both tops and the extended warranty ($1,300, 6 years/100,000 miles, which has MORE than paid for itself). The A/C was about $800, and we have the 35C with Trac-Lok and ABS (which was about $900, but only due to the ABS). The Sports started at $17,000, and went up with the add-ons. I have the actual figures at the house I think. The total price for the jeep only was $21,500, with the extra going to the state and warranty. Be prepared to look at about $18,000-$20,000 for one like you describe. Have you tried the online car places for a few quotes?

A new TJ is a good investment, even due to the price. We have 73K on ours, and have had it since Sept '96. In that time we have replaced the exhaust, the cat, the fuel sending unit twice, the entire rear axle, the radiator, radio, front swaybar, brake pads, and TPI sensor. This is why the extended warranty is a good deal, you never know what will happen. Other than that we beat on it regularly and change the fluids often. It always starts, still drives straight down the road, and performs like new. It's the wifes daily driver. There also isn't a scratch on the surface, just don't look underneath.

Oh, and the D44 is available, it was just short listed due to the production numbers. Make sure to specify it when looking.

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hey check out there you can price out almost any vechile and it'll give you the MSRP and the retail price for the TJ with the options you want

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