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Check out the new Amsoil products from Home Page.
The Lube Man now has:

All New Diesel Recovery Fuel Additive if you have a fuel problem in the cold, Amsoil can fix it.

But before you get a problem from the cold weather, our new Diesel Cold Flow Improver/ Concentrate. It helps keep your fuel useful and improves performance! NO need for #1 DIESEL in the winter!

Check out the full line of Diesel oils, some last up to 25,000 MILES or ONE YEAR. Improve MPG's and Performance!

We also have INJEN/AMSOIL Intakes for up to 50lbs more torque and horsepower.

Keep your motor lasting a long time with our Bypass Oil Filter Kits!

Check it all out and get a free catolog at Home Page

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Many would be willing to accommodate your needs, may it be to increase your diesel fuel mileage performance to increasing your horsepower to repairing your turbo charger or diesel fuel injection pump. Name it! There are even companies dedicated to discovering the best possible combinations of high performance parts and accessories to help you achieve your diesel goals. They undergo extensive, ongoing field and dyno testing which will provide invaluable insight into how to make your truck perform to its highest ability.

In today's world of rising temperatures and diesel prices, diesel fuel is preferred over gasoline. One reason would be because diesel fuel has higher energy content than gasoline, and diesel performance is usually better in terms of engine output. These factors also mean that vehicles running on diesel put less global-warming pollution into the air. Thanks to its higher energy content and its efficient combustion process, diesel performance enables cars to travel at least 30% farther on a gallon of fuel than comparable gasoline models. The improved efficiency of diesel engines can also help reduce oil consumption.

Whatever your reason may be for choosing diesel for your vehicle, what's important is for you to seek the best stores that will give quality service to your Amsoil. For the cleanest, smoothest, and most powerful ride available, purchase the best utility vehicle diesel performance products for your beloved vehicle!
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