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New Off-Topic subject - Ted Nugent

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Okay, it's not completely off-topic since Theodocious Atrocious is a big supporter of OHV activity (as well as gun rights). But, it seems the Motor City Madman has made some folks in San Antonio a bit miffed. He said something to the effect of:

You're in America now. If you can't speak English, learn to or leave".

Any thoughts?


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to speak two languages is to be bi-lingual. to speak one is to be american.

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I was in San Antonio for New Years. I couldn't have said it better myself. Ted has never let me down and I'm glad to hear he's still speakin his mind.

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I tend to agree with him also, & NO, I do not believe in any way, shape, or form is that a racist remark. Don't forget that Northern Europeans who have found their way to this country collectively spoke dozens of different languages, but have all adapted to English. My father is first-generation American (Grandpa was born in Scotland), and shows no signs of a Scottish accent. My mother's family came from Germany. They learned English several decades before the Civil War. San Antonio has been part of the United States for over 150 years. No, we do not have an "official" language in the U.S. But, the overwhelming majority of Americans speak English as their first language. If you want to live here & be part of our society, you should learn the language. I wouldn't presume to move to Mexico, Norway, China, or anywhere else if I didn't plan to learn to speak the language spoken by the majority. And by golly, if I was BORN there, I'd sure as Hell know it!

BTW, that quote is not verbatum, but very close. And after taking some heat over it, Ted said, "that's what I said, and I stand by it".


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I lived in Miami, FLA most of my life. Spanish is really the first language these days. Anyway, there used to be a bumper sticker that said "Will the last english speaking American to leave Miami please bring the flag?"

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Carl, love the bumber sticker, could have used one of those during my 8.5 years in San Antonio. Forcing americans to speak English will never happen, especially in San Antonio where the hispanic population makes up over 60 percent of the total, and mind you, that was taken from the legal resident population. Anyone who has spent any time there can tell you the illegals would easily add another 15 percent. It's not as bad as southern California (yet) but it won't be long before the entire south west reverts back to Mexican rule.

Jeep drivin, gun totin, conservative, heterosexual, god fearin, happily married, monogamous, meat eatin, white male.

Once upon a time, I would have just been considered a regular American guy.

Correction: according to the blocks on the forms: white (non-hispanic) male

That must be Ted's crusade for this tour. He said the same thing and Denver last week and got a huge applause. At the same time that he pisses people off with this comment, he's on an anti-drug campaign. Personally, I think Ted is a great role model even if his delivery could use a little refinement. He definitely speaks his mind. Too bad more people don't believe in the same things that the Motor City Madman does. BTW, he has a great website
the terrible ten fingers of doom, you have to love him. he has every right to call it how it is, and i will second his motion.

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Ted Nugent had some good songs; "Cat Scratch Fever" is one of the best around. "Stranglehold", on the other hand wasn't all that great; I really think the fairer sex is something to be loved and not strangled. He could have sung that one in any language.

As for speaking, if an individual wants to learn other languages, then they will get to talk to more people. If someone doesn't feel like learning, they'll be limited to speaking to fewer people. ITS UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL!

Ted's support for gun rights, and OHV rights is a step in the right direction. If he wants to make a certain language or dialect mandatory, he's leaning towards regulation of some sort. So is he a conservative, or a liberal? If he's gonna make points, he should stick to guns, trucks, rock-n-roll, and meat products, and leave out his call for limiting peoples actions (to speak only certain words).

Shame on him for trying to limit other people when he complains about limits on his own rights!


i dont think he was trying to limit people.. just stating that you are in MY country.. you should speak MY language.. and if you want to speak another that is fine.. as long as you KNOW my language.. i would do the same if i was in YOUR country... have some respect for me the anglo saxon white male that keeps you free... I should NOT have to learn YOUR language in MY country...

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The following is NOT presented for the religious aspect. Only stated to show the importance of language.

The Bible is either the Word of God or it is the word of man. In either case the author has given us some insight into the importance of language.

~The Tower of Babel
11:1 Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.
2 As men moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there.
3 They said to each other, "Come, let's make bricks and bake them thoroughly." They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar.
4 Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of the whole earth."
5 But the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the men were building.
6 The LORD said, "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.
7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other."
8 So the LORD scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.
9 That is why it was called Babel - because there the LORD confused the language of the whole world. From there the LORD scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

If God is real and if He has the power to and did in fact create everything, look at the mehod he used to stop people from accomplishing things, from getting things done. He has the power to stop bricks from being made. He could force the people to stop with threats or actual punishment. He could stick them in a cave somewhere and throw away the opening. He could have destroyed the tower each time the people tried to put it up. He chose something that He knew would make it impossible for them to continue. Confuse their language so they could not communicate and therefore could not get anything done.

If the bible is the work of a man or men, and it is all a story, the author or authors wrote about a way that they felt would stop human accomplishment - make it so they could not communicate with one another. If this is just a story, they could have thought of something a little more drastic. Turn everyone into a pillar of salt, bring some walls down with a trumpet or put some supernatural beings around the mud pit where the bricks were made.

Point is - someone real or someone supernatural knows how to stop people from accomplishing anything together. Make them speak different languages so that communication is difficult or impossible. Can you think of anything stronger to stop progress? Can you think of anything that would contribute more to human progress than to allow the people to communicate freely and understandably IN A COMMON LANGUAGE???

So, yes, I agree with Ted, but I would go further and say that there should be a world wide effort for everyone to have a common language - whatever it is. If nothing else consider how much unwarranted distrust would be eliminated.

Doug '97 TJ
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right on ted!
he's quite a character!
seen him twice in concert.
i like what he says for the most part.
i also bow hunt and eat meat.
i don't think america should cater to the foreigners as far as language goes.
speak english or get out!
look at the money it is costing the taxpayer to put everything in the optional spanish language. i think this is bull$$$$!
hey who started this topic anyway?
i'm going to work on my jeep!

I like it when someone has the guts to tell it like it is- way to go uncle Ted. I'm glad to hear he's on an anti-drug mission too, I always wondered where he stood on that. So, he is anti-drugs, pro-gun, pro-hunting, pro-meat eating, pro-english language and someone wonders if he is conservative or liberal? BTW, Stranglehold was his best song, followed by Stormtrooper, followed by Motor City Madhouse.
Go Bush!

Just thought this thread was a good plcae to post this,I was at Quality Farm & Fleet Store today and saw a sign on manditory
ages to buy ammo,it said 22 cal.rifle ammo - age 18
22 cal. pistol ammo - age 21
am i missing something here???

I certainly can't speak for Ted, but I don't think he intended to run foreigners off. But, as is, we have multi-generational families living in the U.S. that don't speak fluent English - including many born here. The spirit of America is the big "melting pot". We're supposed to join together in the American spirit. Yet, some folks want to cling to their roots to the point of not taking part in our U.S. culture, and this seems to be most prevalent in Spanish-speaking communities. And let's consider a couple of points about that. First of all, Spanish is a European language. It was imported, just like English. Second, it's not like San Antonio is really all that close to the border. Not like Harlingen, or Brownsville. Speaking Spanish as a primary language in San Antonio just because your family once came from Mexico, is as ridiculous as speaking French as a primary language in New York because your family once came from Quebec.

I'm all for "give me your tired, huddled masses", but learn the language for crying out loud. After all, it was you who decided to come here.


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An interview I saw a while back with Ted had a pretty good quote:

Interviewer: "What are your thoughts about your opposite in the music industry, Paul McCartney, being so outspoken about vegetarianism, and not eating animals?"

Ted: "If I dropped as much acid as Paul McCartney has, I wouldn't eat anything with a face either."

Thought it was pretty funny.

Mike H.
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If we go just a little further back I think we will find
English is imported too, the American Indian was here before that, I like
what Ted was getting at though.


America is a melting pot, that just happens to speak english. My family doesn't still speak german, but we do have German food at get-togethers; we are retaining our culture. The hispanic population is just keeping its own culture. There is no problem at all with that. The problem comes up when they refuse to learn English. Most Asian and European immigrants (at least most I have met) learn English to use outside the home, but speak their native tongue at home. The Hispanic population grows in tightly knit communities and does not learn English, because they don't need to. Even as far north as Memphis, street signs are being written in English and Spanish, and there are Spanish forms for all government documents. There is no such recognition for other languages. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing minority in the U.S., and soon there will be a Spanish version of everything.

Also: This Elian Gonzales thing is just insane. The Miami Cubans feel they are above the law. Every day Haitians are sent back home, as are illegals of many nationalities. But because the Law doesn't apply to Cubans, Elian gets Algore and Bush to make a request for citizenship. This is a simple matter of law thet is being distorted by the politcally-powerful Cubans.


P.S. I told one of my friends that he looked like Ted Nuget. He doesn't talk to me anymore.

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ATTN: TEX! New Off-Topic subject - Ted Nugent

For someone named TEX, perhaps you should brush up on Texas history. San Antonio was founded as a spanish colony in 1718. As you should know, the USA did not exist at this point. George Washington had yet to be born. If we are to follow your "Assimilation" theory, Ted Nugent would have had to deliver his vitriol in espanol. It is well known that parts of the US in TX, NM, AZ, and CA were settled by the Spanish well before english speakers knew of thier existence. If anything, TEX, you and your buddy Ted Nugent should have at least heard of "Six Flags Over Texas." Two of those flags are Spain and Mexico.

Did you also happen to note that Ville d'Etroit (Detroit) was a French City when it was founded in 1701? why didn't Ted Nugent "Assimilate", TEX? Oh, and come to think of it, St. Louis was founded (1764) by the French, too! Parlez vous Francais, "TEX"?

One Nice thing about our consitution is that it establishes no official religion or code of speech. If you and Teddy need to change the first amendment, ya'll should forget about the second.

Sam Houston, Steven F. Austin, William B. Travis and David Crockett all spoke and conducted business in Spanish. Have you heard of these men, Ted? How about you, "TEX?" Many of the defenders massacred at the Alamo (in the city we are discussing) were of Mexican decent. Sam Houston was a gentleman who spared the life of Santa Ana, even after the atrocities at the Alamo and at Goliad. Perhaps Ted could learn from him.

Ted's quote said "learn or leave;" his message is clear. Lets say Ted Nugent's words became law. Let's say that a certain member of an old spanish family in the Valley didn't know english. Let's say her name was Mary Velasco, and she was 66 years old. She is someone's grandmother, in addition to being someone's wife, someone's mother, and someone's friend. She has roots in her community, and she is a good citizen. Ted basically wants her to go to Taumalipas to live out her remaining years in poverty and lonliness, in a place where she has no roots. This is really just not a well-thought out thing to say, "TEX." In Texas, and the South in general, we are brought up with some manners, and some basic deceny.

The good people of Texas don't need some idiot from Detroit telling us what we need. I am sorry to say this, but the more people I encounter from that part of the world, the more unimpressed I am with thier lack of ethics and manners. Perhaps this is why he called his last band "Damn Yankees"; he doesn't have a clue about Texas.

If this is what Ted Nugent needs to resort to in order to generate controversy, he must be WAY past his prime as an entertainer. I've been impressed with some of the words you've posted before, TEX, but please think before you de-value someone because they have a different language. And please know at least something about the background of what you speaking of. I bet you're a fine person, but sometimes your conclusions are not based on any knowledge of what has gone before (re: assimilation theory). Lets be good, OK?
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Re: ATTN: TEX! New Off-Topic subject - Ted Nugent

Up in "The County", they speak Fringlish, which is a mixture of French and English. Of course, this is on the border of French speaking Canada, not the English side. Keep in mind if you do an anology of the American English language, it's butchered other languages throughout the ages to come up with our own. It might have originated in England, but we have our own language now.

As to Toyota Tex, dude, we're all friends here. If we go back far enough, we're ALL transplants that have no right being here. And what of the different dialects of the American Indian? Where did they originate? I hear this a lot up here, about how I'm not a "TRUE" Mainer because my grandfather's grandfather wasn't born in this state. "Guess, what", I reply, "You're not a Mainer either because Maine didn't become a state until 1820, before that it was Massachusettes, so you must be a Masshole". Boy that get's the blood boiling (people form Maine hate Massholes due to the summer tourist influx). "Just because a cat has kittens in the oven doesn't make 'em biscuits". The Enviros up here try to use the argument that because it wasn't there 100 years ago it shouldn't be there now. Many dams have been removed using this tactic, screwing up the aquaculture even more. Keep the past in mind to not make the same mistakes in the future, but don't dwell on it.

I can relate to the comment by Ted. I work on Naval Base (ex-Army, go figure) in the willywags of Downeast Maine (spook base, I could tell you what they do but then I'd have to kill you). There is a lady my wife worked (past tense) with on base who scolded her children when they spoke English, even though her husband was from Maryland. She was originally from Spain. I saw a lot of that in the service as well. Ted's point, and Tex's, is that if you're in the country to LIVE, at least learn the language. You know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. How about the lady that left her child outside the restaurant in NY because that's what they do in Holland where she was from. So should Brits drive on the left side of the road over here because that's what they do in their country? No, they have to learn the "American" way.

BTW, I remember hearing something about a bunch of southern states having to "declare" English as the national language. This was quite a few years ago, but I'm sure I could find it with time.

Oh yeah, Jesse Ventura got elected for speaking his mind. People are tired of candy coated fork-tongued politicans telling us what we want to hear.

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