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New Jeepster owner

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I'm usually on the jeeps unlimmited but finally remembered why I got into Jeeps to start with.
I haven't been able to post here so far, if this works I'll tell the "rest of the story"

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Woohoo! I'm finally in.
OK, as for the Jeepster, my uncle had a brand new, green Jeepster Commando when I was a kid. Probably a 68 or 69.
He took me for a ride once and he probably wasn't the most savvey off roader as we got stuck in a big mud puddle before he decided to lock in his hubs. I remember laughing as he tip toed in his shoes, trying not to get his feet wet.
Well, of course after that when I finally could get my own Jeep, I started with a CJ-7. CJs were the most popular when I was growing up. Recently built a CJ-5, tube frame, fiberglass body, Scout axles. A lot of fun.
Recently decided to build a daily driver so searched for a Commando (remembering how I originally got the Jeep bug).
Found this 67 Jeepster half cab in Seattle on the Pirates board. Towed it the 1,800 miles home behind my Cherokee. If it would have been closer I would have talked him down in price or walked away, but after driving that far....
Anyway, now I have the front clip off, the tranny I'm swapping for a t-18 I already had (cost too much to replace the junker 3 speed) Once I pull the motor and tub, the frame inspection/repair will start. Then cutting out the rust and welding in new steel underneith. Should be on the road by fall (I'm feeling optinistic)
It will remain close to stck but has to be lifted a couple of inches. Then there might need to be a shackle reversal, YJ springs, on and on.
I have a lot of Ideas.
I've been checking this board quite a bit, glad I can finally post.
Sorry if this is a bit long.

I'll probably have a few questions, Such as, what was the stock gearing in my 67 with the v-6?

Thanks, Al
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