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I recently purchased an 84 CJ-7 for 1250. This jeep needs a little TLC but I think it was a bargain. It has a few holes in the tub in the rear, I was thinking fiberglass for that, but the other question I had, was that I want to put in a 4" lift with 33's, now I am not the most mechanically inclined but I want to do it myself. what is the most complete kit out there? Which kit is the least expensive? With 4" of lift will I have to worry about driveshaft angles and what else might i have to think about?

Also the jeep tends to keep running for a bit after I turn it off, and I thought that could just be the timing, since I think that is off. Also I think the carb might be in a bit of trouble..what is the best way to go here without empting my pockets...if a professional rebuilds it would that be alright?

Any ideas, tips etc would be appreciated..thanks alot

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