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most lift kits are complete.. just make sure you get one with shocks.. and a dropped pitman arm.. may even need brake lines.. but you can just bend the old ones.. your drive shafts should still work.. havent known of any that didnt.
and for price... just call around to the different shops.. out of a 4 wheel mag.. and keep telling them what the other guy quoted.. and see who will get the lowest..
yes it could be timing.. and could be the carb... dont know what it should cost.. i bought the kit.. and did it myself.. like 30 bucks for the kit.. and a dday to do it.. since it was my first one..
one hint.. make sure you put the metal ball back in... i didnt and it did just what yours is.. so i had to do it again..

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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