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As for books, I've got the Chilton's Manual, and its much like the Haynes (Haynesa re easier to find though) and the "Jeep 4x4:performance Handbook" by Jim Allen, which I have found to be much more informative than the Jeep Bible. Rusty's Off-Road seems to have some well thought out, very complete suspensions systemes at a good price for any make of Jeep. If your going to play with the ignition, do a Ford TFI conversion, search this forum for the "258 ignition upgrade" done by Team Rush a while back, and get new plugs and wires while your at it. If you decide to swap your carb, I've gone with a Weber 38 and am pleased with its performace, but find myself wishing I had a Motorcraft 2100 (just for that extr 50 cubic feet of air ability.) As for your engine dieseling, it happens. My Jeep does it to every once in a while. The engine is actually turning over backwards! Don't believe me? Get it to diesel and put it in first gear and let the clutch out, the Jeep will lurch backwards and stall. Next time put it in reverse and the Jeep will lurch forwards and stall. If your friends ask why the Jeep keeps running with the ignition turned off, tell them its just a die-hard Jeep's way of begging for more abuse. /wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif

My Jeep is just a leaky submarine in disquise
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