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New Jeep, Need Info!

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A friend liked my jeep so much he and his grandson have bought one and are going to build one. He bought a 1989 YJ with a 4.2L, 5 spd, etc. Jeep seems to be in good condition, 150K on odometer, but runs like a top. I believe it has POS D35 axle, don't know anything about which tranny it is, or t-case. 3:73 gears are in it.

Any input as to what some of the running gear may be, and what the best/most prudent early conversions should be.

P.S. originally they were looking at some newer YJ's, but the prices and options and comments received from this forum convinced them otherwise.


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Providing it is all stock it will have an AX15 tranny,(medium duty)if late year production, or BA/10 Peugot tranny/wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif if early year production. NP231 transfer case. The axles will be D30 up front with disconnect, (vaccume operated) and D35 rear. You can take a look here to get the right ID on the tranny.

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What are the Pro's and Con's of the vacuem disconnect?

I take it the NP231 will need the slip yoke eliminater kit when they install a lift kit?

Anything else that needs to be known about this model?

Enjoying Montana's Big Sky (& rocks & rivers & mountians etc, You get the picture.)
I say slap on a decent set of tires & go have some fun! Build/repair/replace weak parts as time/money/breakage dictates. Swaybar disconnects wouldn't be a bad idea.


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